If you are familiar with the stories from DC Comics, based on The Suicide Squad, then you were probably pretty excited to see this episode. Even if you aren’t the concept of the episode was pretty bad ass. I mean taking super villains and putting them together on a team that operates under the radar for the government, you can’t beat that! But how do you control them? Well as usual Amanda Waller is up to her normal tricks of manipulating people, and that includes Diggle in last night’s episode.

ARROWSuicide Squad was definitely a Diggle-centric episode, but Oliver is still in the picture as he hunts down Slade Wilson and we see some more developments on the relationship side of things when it comes to him and Sara. We also get to see Laurel actually push the two to stay together, even though she has no idea of what’s going on in their “superhero” lives. I guess going to AA gives you a whole new perspective on life and things, it’s actually nice to see. Especially since Laurel’s character has been pretty unlikable all season. Oliver is concerned about Sara’s safety now that Slade is in Starling, as he should be, but as Sara reminds him “she’s not the same girl he knew on the island”. We are in store for a major showdown and I’m wondering how much foreshadowing the show’s writers are dropping on us. Oliver goes to see Waller at the end of the episode in regards to getting some help tracking down Wilson. We find out that there has been a wave of killings throughout the country all leading to Starling City, the person responsible for this has been dubbed Deathstroke. We also get a peek at Manu Bennett in costume as he stalks The Arrow, a neat scene where he leaves his old tattered mask, with an arrow through the eye, on a rooftop (all very reminiscent of very first scene of the series). Deathstroke is playing with Oliver and it is only a matter of time until things get crazy!


But let’s talk about the main plot of the episode, the Suicide Squad. Bringing back villains that have already  been locked up, including Deaadshot, Bronze Tiger, and Shrapnel. Together, with his ex-wife Lyla, Diggle is tasked with leading this team of rogues into a secret mission to save the world from a terrorist. The team must go in and stop Qadir, who you may remember from last year’s episode, The Odyssey, from releasing a deadly nerve-toxin on the public. We get to see some nice flashbacks to Diggle’s war experience, and also a cameo by Ben Browder, aka Ted Gaynor. Remember him when he ended up being a villain back in the episode Trust But Verify, of course you do. Anywho this all sets up a back story to how Diggle and Qadir met for the first time.

ARROWBut how do you control bad guys from running away or betraying their promise? You put a chip in them that you can set-off at anytime. This is something that Shrapnel learns quite quickly! When he tries to take off during the mission, Waller quickly executes him. These actions of course make Diggle start to question the morality of A.R.G.U.S., and even of Lyla who seems ok with all of this. I really liked how Deadshot is portrayed as having more of a moral backbone than Waller and Lyla.

Arrow harley QuinnSuicide Squad was a decent episode, I guess with the momentum that Arrow has been building, this week just seemed to plateau a bit. It was fun, and the Suicide Squad concept is one of my favorite from the comics, but it just kind of feel flat. The Harley Quinn cameo, well it’s actually more of a voice cameo by Arkham video game voice-actress Tara Strong, was great. But it was nonetheless pretty amazing, even though we don’t get to see more than a quick glimpse of the character in a cell! These are the kind of appearances that Arrow loves to give the fans, Halloween candy as I’ve come to call it. Who knows though maybe we will get to see Harley eventually, but I guess that depends on character rights of course. Well, next week it looks like we will see the beginning of another team, the Birds of Prey!

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