Who is Oliver Queen? The obvious answer to us is Arrow, the vigilante of Starling City. But who is Oliver Queen to the people of Starling City? Especially the ones who suffered in the disaster in the Glades, a disaster that his family name had a huge part in! Identity addresses these issues as they pit Oliver against an enemy he can’t shoot arrows at. We meet Sebastian Blood who is played by Kevin Alejandro (True Blood), who seems to be the voice of those who are ready for change and looking for someone to blame for the Glades. Blood pits himself against Oliver the entire episode, even at one point accepting Oliver’s proposal to help the Glades, only to smash him on TV when Oliver doesn’t make the fundraiser that they put together. This is something I can understand, but if people only knew what he was really doing out there. Ahhh the fun of dual identities. How long do you think it will be before he reveals his secret to the general public?


But Oliver is truly taking an interest in helping the Glades, but as Arrow. There have been a series of FEMA truck robberies and the people are not getting the recovery supplies they need! It’s time for the hero of Starling City to stop these scumbags, which ends up being China White and the Triad. This time they have brought new member Bronze Tiger, played by Michael Jae White (Black Dynamite) to take on Arrow. Some good fight scenes here, Bronze Tiger can even parry most of Oliver’s arrows and is quite the badass. It’s nice to see the DC stable used like this, introducing characters we probably would never see on the big screen to a more general audience.


We see Oliver step away from killing villains even more in this episode, and we get to see some more trick arrows! One that delivers an electric shock, which knocks out a bad guy, and another that acts like a bola, tying the bad guy up. This I like, it recognizes the aspects of Green Arrow that we have loved over the years without making it to cheesy.


We also see the dynamic between our main characters/heroes. Oliver seems to be feeling sorry for himself, and that the hero gig is causing him a lot of pain. But Diggle reveals that his relationship with Carly has ended due to his obsession with taking out Deadshot for the death of his brother. This crusade has distracted Diggle from being able to enjoy life, something he tells Oliver, making him realize that this crusade is causing not just Oliver pain but those around him as well. A strength builder at best, It’s nice to see everyone on the same page and supporting each other, there is even a line about a bro-hug that is pretty funny. Another dynamic is Roy’s quest to help the Arrow and save his city, well at least stop crime from continuing in the Glades. I am pretty sure that after this episode Roy may now know that Oliver is Arrow, or he is REALLY intimidated by him. Oliver knows that Roy wants to help but he finds a non-action way of him to do it, being his eyes and ears in the Glades and collecting intel on the crime going down. Roy is able to go to Thea, who was ready to break up with him due to his reckless actions, and tell her that he is done throwing himself into the fire. We’ll see how long this lasts. But we see another character in the show pick up a new identity, as Roy slowly begins his journey as Speedy, Red Arrow, whatever you want to call him. Thea is going to die I’m pretty sure and that event will bring the two together and Roy will adopt the name in her honor. I am really enjoying this season so far and Oliver’s mission has only gotten better as he develops the morals of a hero and gives up the violent quest of the List only to someday become the hero we are expecting him to be. The ending of this episode is really messed up and leads right into next week. I won’t ruin it for you, but Laurel is really starting to piss me off.


Next week? The Canary! Arrow S2E3 “Broken Dolls

Arrow airs Wednesdays at 8pmEST on the CW!

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