After the death of Moira Queen I was excited to see how events would play out and see some payback. Interestingly enough we didn’t Slade Wilson once during last night’s episode City of Blood. Instead Sebastian “Brother” Blood took center stage as the villain and also became the mayor. With his opponent out of the picture he easily shifted into the position and took his top seat last night. But how would the saviors of Starling City deal with these latest events? Not well actually. Sarah is gone, she left the city last week and doesn’t return as of yet this week. Oliver is having a tough time coping with being responsible for his mother’s death so he is basically hiding away somewhere dealing with his grief. When his teammates need him they can’t find him so Diggle goes to Amanda Waller for help on locating their missing friend.

Arrow City of Blood 02Things get worse for Thea, just when you thought they couldn’t. A resurrected Isabel Rochev shows up at the club and hands Thea papers to vacate the property! She looses her boyfriend, then mother, and now her job. Laurel makes some big moves this week, she works hard to convince her father that they are going after the wrong leads and that by pursuing Sebastian instead, that will lead them to Slade. Laurel decides to pay Sebastian a visit and bugs his office. She is able to locate a press release on Moira’s death that was written the day before she was murdered. Laurel takes this evidence to the only person who can truly help her, the Arrow. Suddenly appearing at the Arrow cave, just when Oliver needs her the most. He is convinced that if he gives himself to Slade all of this will end. Everyone is not so confident about this idea. Laurel ends up yelling at Oliver telling him that there is a way to stop Slade and that is by stopping Blood.

City of BloodSo what does our hero do? He calls a dinner with Blood. Oliver then proceeds to tell him his secret and that Slade only wants to destroy the city. Blood is convinced otherwise, that yes the soldiers will wreak havoc but Blood will be there to repair it. Blood has a vision for the city and the only way for that to happen is allow Slade to continue his plans. Diggle and Felicity pay Blood’s advisor a visit and in a rather comical interrogation scene Felicity uses her hacking skills to get answers out of Clinton Poe. See there are other ways to get answers besides violence.

Arrow City of Blood 04Arrow City of Blood 04The episode ends with some great action! Slade’s army is planted all over the city and team Arrow is having a tough time taking them down. Could this many Mirakuru pumped up baddies be too much?! We finally see Isabel in her Ravager outfit when she confront Diggle to repay him for killing her. The episode ends with complete chaos with more and more of the soldiers, dressed as Deathstroke, taking to the streets.

City of BloodA lot happened this week and at the same time it was merely just a set up episode for the final run of the season. How will the good guys prevail?! Looks like next week they may have the help of a certain Dark Archer! And where is Sarah during all of this?! What a great time for her to leave.

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