All hell is breaking loose in Starling City and team Arrow may not have the resources to do anything about it! Slade has released his army or Mirakuru juiced thugs onto the city to wreak havoc, so much so that his “partner” Sebastian Blood, now the mayor, is concerned that there won’t be a city left to be mayor of! See what happens when you partner up with a mad man?! We left our pal Diggle in quite a predicament as he was confronted by the new and improved Isabel Rochov. In her new attire, and looking like Ravager from the comics, it looks as if Diggle would have his hands full! Luckily for him Felicity has no problem running people over with the Arrow van! They hightail it out of there when Isabel proves not to be so easily dispatched of. Luck for them STAR Labs has come through and has successfully created an antidote to the Mirakuru. But unfortunately the courier tasked with delivering it to them is intercepted and the cure stolen by Slade!  

Streets of FireOliver and Laurel are about to be killed by a band of the Mirakuru thugs but luckily Oliver decides that the best way to stop them is to bury them, so he does. Also burying himself and Laurel! Lucky for them they are the stars of the show and they come out alright! Now that everyone is ok the show can start and team Arrow can try to find a way to stop Slade once and for all. Like its Tuesday night comic book counterpart, Arrow this week is all about building towards the epic season finale that we were all promised! And after all of the chaos that has ensued over that past couple of weeks on the show, it’s time to payback Slade. 

Thea is in for a big surprise. Just when you thought her life couldn’t get any more complicated, Malcolm Merlyn returns to Starling City. In the wake of Moira’s death he felt it necessary to swoop in and check in on his daughter. Thea of course is not very happy about this, in fact even though Merlyn saves her from a rampaging Mirakuru soldier, she still runs away from him! 

ARROWThere’s a big status quo change this week when it comes to Starling City’s finest and their stance on the Arrow. Realizing that they can do little against Slade’s attack, with the Chief of Police dead and their resources dwindling, the Lieutenant asks Lance for help from the Arrow! Oh not to mention reinstating him as a detective. I think it’s funny how much Paul Blackthorne’s character has evolved since the beginning of the show, going from a character you hate to one we all love. Now it’s time to save this city.

Speaking of saving this city, things are getting out of control and Mayor Blood is having second thoughts. Especially when one of the Deathstrokes barges in and murders his council and DA Kate Spencer. Blood realizes that he may not have a city to save once Slade is done with his plans to destroy Oliver Queen. Blood tries to plead with Slade but is given this in response: “After tomorrow, this city will only be rubble, ash and death. A land only good for one thing…… Graves.”. Blood then decides that it’s time to switch sides, after all he does love his city. With the cure in the wrong hands, Blood realizes there is only one way to stop Slade, steal the cure and get it to the Arrow. This of course is Blood’s last act, at least it was a good one, because Isabel is sent to retrieve the cure. She stabs Blood when he tells her that he has given the cure to the Arrow. 

Arrow streets of fire 03Sara returns to the fray this week. With little explanation why she was gone and where she went, something that has kind of bothered me. It would be one thing if she left to get some help, but she left because of the complications of her and Oliver’s relationship. When there is an army of Mirakuru Deathstrokes on the rampage, I would say that’s the most inappropriate time to leave your friends behind! But Sara shows up just in time to save her sister and Laurel reveals that she knows Sara’s secret. A little bonding takes place as Sara tells Laurel a little bit about what she did during those 5 years, and Laurel drives the fact that Sara is a hero and we get some props for Canary this week. Especially when Sara saves a young girl from a burning building. Looks like it’s finally cool to be a superhero in Starling City!

Streets of FireThe episode ends on a cliffhanger leading right into next week’s explosive season finale! Thea may have shot Merlyn, the good guys have the cure, and they need a solution to stop Slade. Looks like the only choice they have is to test the cure on Roy! But there’s something worse happening! Amanda Waller has positioned her ARGUS forces around Starling City! If team Arrow is not able to stop Slade by morning, Waller will level the city! Get ready for all out war!

The END is here!

Arrow airs Wednesdays at 8pmEST on The CW!


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