When the League of Assassins comes knocking on Oliver’s door, literally, he and Canary must defend themselves at all costs. But as Sarah reveals to him the LOA is not after him but her. This week we get some flashbacks starring Sarah and the beginning of her story after the fate of the Queen’s Gambit. She is found floating on the ocean by a ship called the AMAZO. Now any of you who are knowledgeable in the ways of the DC know that Amazo  is a robot that was created by Professor Ivo that can replicate any persons, or super persons’, abilities and powers. We only get a hint at who the character is in the show as he “saves” Sarah from the same pirate brutes who captured Ollie. But as we learn in this episode its the LOA who save her from the ship, of course after months of torture I’m sure. Oh the neat thing about this episode, it ends almost exactly like the previous, with Sarah and Ollie meeting on the Amazo. Another snippet of information we pick up this week, it may not be Ra’s Al Ghul that runs the LOA at this point, but possibly Talia.

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Al-Owal, played by Navid Negahban (Homeland), is tasked with bringing back Canary dead or alive and he’s brought some help. Arrow of course thinks since these men are dressed like Malcom Merlyn that they are after him, but Sarah let’s him in on the secret. Another secret that is broken this week, Sarah has to reveal to her father that she is alive, only to protect him when the LOA decided to kill her family as punishment. She tells Detective Lance that she would never have revealed herself if this situation had never occurred. Of course the one person who really needs a pick-me-up, Laurel, isn’t told. It’s too bad because as we watch her slowly drift into bitchy land on a regular weekly basis you really can’t help feeling sorry for the character. So in the end to protect her family Sarah decides to leave Starling City. Where is she headed? Gotham perhaps, but don’t think that’s the last we’ll see of Canary, I’m sure Sarah’s story will continue in the flashbacks. A very, very strong episode as Arrow continues to prove itself as the best superhero TV show of all time. I am really happy with the way this season has been progressing with mini-arcs every week leading into the next, so it will be interesting when Barry Allen finally shows up. Arrow does a great job of introducing the elements from the comics in a way without over-shadowing the shows own mythos. I really hope that we get to see the inner working of the LOA sometime soon and their leader, Talia or Ra’s it doesn’t matter to me, as long as we get a new story for the group that isn’t Dark Knight related. They are one of my favorite aspects of DC Comics, especially the Batman mythos, and I really hope that it is developed well. With rumors and hints that Arrow may tie into the overall DC Comics movie-verse, we can only hope that they are starting to build a smaller world that will fit into a much larger one. Just imagine the possibilities.

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