As you all know last night’s episode of Arrow, The Scientist, introduced Barry Allen who will eventually become The Flash in his own series, MAYBE even transform next week, but for that we will have to wait and see. The best reveal of the night was Barry Allen’s back story. With the influence of Geoff Johns on the script, we get a really exciting insight into the death of Barry’s mother when he was a child. You see in the show, Barry told everyone that he was a CSI who was sent from his department, in Central City, to investigate the “super powered”  robbery. But in truth, he is an assistant to the CSI and is there on his own accord to investigate the strange occurrence in Starling City. In fact, he always explores these cases because the biggest mystery of his life has to do with the murder of his mother. Barry tells Ollie and friends that when he was about 11 a “blur” came into his house, in which he could see a man, and before Barry knew it he was 20 blocks away from the house and when he got back his mother was dead. The police of course did not believe the story and they locked up his father. Now, for those of you who are not that familiar with The Flash, there is a villain in his rogues gallery called the Reverse Flash, hit the link, read about him, and come back in a Flash!

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Even mentioning the fact that this character exists in the world of Arrow is amazing, I mean now we have a means of time-travel in a grounded universe?! What an amazing step to take on this show and I am really excited to see how it pans out in The Flash’s show. Back to Arrow. I love how Barry is depicted by Grant Gustin, he’s clumsy, he’s late, both of these traits are so vital to how Barry was before he became The Flash and will also help him hide his secret identity down the road.  So now we have to see if Barry will actually undergo the transformation next week either by his classic accident (foreshadowed very well this week) or will it have something to do with the particle accelerator that the show has been talking about for the last month or so. I am betting the second, it would make more sense to have a more realistic reason for him to gain his powers and I am sure that this is what will happen. But I am pretty sure that we will only get a hint at his powers by the end of the episode rather than a full on appearance which they will save for the Pilot episode. I can’t wait. In the end, after an awesome battle with the Acolyte, Ollie is infected by something that Diggle and Felicity can’t save him from so they decide to bring Barry into the fold. The episode ends with Barry seeing Oliver on the table and Felicity asking him to save her friend.

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On the Island the team is on their way to discover where the Japanese sub is and beat Ivo to the “super soldier” serum. Slade is still in rough shape and is near death. Ollie and island friends get to the sub and decide that in order to save Slade they will have to inject him with it, but there’s a problem. In order for the serum to work “properly” you must inject it with a sedative, which unfortunately they do not have. So what’s the worse that can happen, Slade is going to die anyways, so they stick him with it. He dies..for now. In the current time Ollie is very hush hush about the person who is doing all of the robberies and after a confrontation with Brother Blood’s “Acolyte”, Cyrus (who is assumed to be Cyrus Gold aka Solomon Grundy) Ollie realizes his worst fear is true, the same serum from the island is in Starling City. Ollie tells his team about his experience with it on the island and that he has battled with “someone” juiced up on it before. We can only assume one thing, the serum will turn Slade in to the villain we all know and love, Deathstroke. It will only be a matter of time before he makes an appearance in the current time line. Ollie tells the team that everyone who was injected with serum was killed and burned on the island, but us viewers know better and I can’t wait to see what happens.

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Malcom Merlyn of course is back from the dead and threatening Moira about telling Thea the truth about him being her father. At first I thought maybe he was a figment of her imagination but then we find out that Moira is more resourceful than previously thought. To stop the threats Moira has actually contacted Ra’s Al Ghul and let him know that Merlyn is alive and operating on his own and that he was responsible for the destruction of the Glades, these are acts that the League of Assassins strictly forbid unless they are ordered. So the Queen family is safe for now. Borrowman talks more about Nanda Parbat, and I really want to see the whole LOA story line open up this season. There have been some rumors as to which Al Ghul family member will take center stage but I really hope that they put Ra’s in the show.

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Other than all of that crazy stuff going on, Arrow tells Roy not to get involved any further in to his investigation Syn’s friend who supposedly OD’d, we all know that it was Brother Blood running trials on the Miraclo serum. So what does Ollie do to stop Roy? He shoots him in the leg with an arrow. What a dick move, but he knows that Roy will get Thea involved in tracking down the truth and he can’t have that happening. I wonder how long it will be until Roy becomes Red Arrow, or if they are going to continue having him only use those beacon red arrows and that will be the show’s way of him being the “sidekick”. Another little tidbit of DC continuity was dropped as well, there are no aliens in this world, or not yet. So if this show is connected to Man of Steel and the DC cinematic universe it is happening before the events of MOS. All I know is that next week will be the last episode for a while and I am betting/hoping that it will be amazing!

Arrow S2E9 “Three Ghosts” The Mid-Season Finale!

[box_light]After a fight with Cyrus Gold AKA the Acolyte (guest star Graham Shiels), Oliver (Stephen Amell) is drugged and left for dead. Determined to cure him, Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) makes a risky decision. The cure causes Oliver to hallucinate, and what he sees forces him to confront his past. Meanwhile, Barry (guest star Grant Gustin) continues to help Felicity, and their connection grows stronger. The Arrow asks Lance (Paul Blackthorne) to look into Gold, but when the stakeout on Gold goes bad, someone is killed. Roy (Colton Haynes) is captured and tortured by Brother Blood (guest star Kevin Alejandro). John Behring directed the episode with story by Greg Berlanti & Andrew Kresiberg and teleplay by Geoff Johns & Ben Sokolowski.[/box_light]

Arrow airs Wednesdays at 8pmEST on The CW!

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