We get a little insight into Felicity’s past when Brother Eye comes a knocking and a familiar face visits our favorite hacker, all the while she has a city to save this week!

Arrow FS 01The Good

-Felicity takes the lead in this episode.

-We meet Felicity’s mom. We find out where her looks came from, but not her brains.

-DC Comics has been using the title “The Secret Origin of..” for years. It’s cool that Arrow used it.

-Cooper wears a Starro t-shirt and Felicity looks very reminiscent of Death from the Sandman comics. Gotta love these little references.

-Will we see Brother Eye and the OMAC connection? If that’s indeed what Ray Palmer has been tinkering around with, I’m sure we will.

-I loved seeing a younger “different” Felicity this week. Her old hacker look and persona was way different.

-Laurel is put in the position of head DA and the city was put in her hands to protect it during the Brother Eye happenings. It’s nice to see her crawling her way back to the top again.

-Roy starts having visions/dreams that he killed Sara

Arrow FS 02The Bad

-Pretty predictable. I knew that Cooper was Brother Eye, didn’t you?

-The use of Brother Eye, not having it be a completely self-controlled AI, was a little disappointing.

-Laurel’s favorite color is black. Let’s just keep setting this up.

Next week on Arrow: Guilty