Good episode this week. I haven’t been overly impressed by this season so far. It may be because The Flash is so awesome! Whatever the case may be, season 3 has a lot of work to do if it is going to be “better” than season 2 as Stephen Amell claims.

Arrow Draw Back Your Bow 01The Good

-First off, this episode does a decent job at getting away from the main story line and delivering a good standalone episode.

-Ray Palmer makes some moves. His “Arrow” workout is pretty hilarious but not as much as Felicity’s reaction! He changes the name of Queen Consilidated to Palmer Technologies. Makes some moves on Felicity. The butter knife joke goes full circle, nice detail. Oh and reveals the ATOM suit!

-Yes this one gets its own section. We get our first glimpse of what is being called The ATOM Exosuit! This storyline is moving along faster than I thought it would and I am looking forward to seeing this pint-sized hero show up.

-The flashback scenes were kind of insane this week! When Maseo goes missing during an ARGUS mission, Tatsu and Oliver go looking for him. We finally get to see some Katana action! Slice and dice!

-No Laurel Lance this week. Nuff said.

-Roy is now officially called Arsenal!

-Cupid on the Suicide Squad?! When are we going to see this band of misfits again?!

-Hello Captain Boomerang! Digger Harkness (Nick Tarabay) arrives in Star(ling) City!

Arrow Draw Back Your Bow 02The Bad

-Roy’s cop storyline is being addressed longer than I would like.

-Why was it so easy for one jobber villain to track down the Arrow Cave?! I mean seriously, Slade I can understand, but this chick? Not the Police? FBI? Hmmmm…

-The DJ. Seriously this is how we are going to treat the new badass Thea? By giving her a new boyfriend? He better be a LOA member, spy, or something.

-Though I liked Cupid, I still think there are WAY TOO MANY archers on this show.


Next time on Arrow: “The Brave and the Bold” (What an appropriate and AWESOME title!)