Towelites! If you’re anything like me then you are already going through withdrawal from this past season’s blockbuster superhero hit tv show Arrow! The count down has already begun for season two and a lot of tidbits are being teased! We know that Roy Harper is well on his way to becoming Green Arrow‘s sidekick, and we have heard reports that there will be 2 main villains this time around, who will they be!? What else does the CW have in store for us next season? Who is going to make a surprise appearance? When will Laurel put on those fishnets!? IGN recently had the pleasure of sitting down with star Stephen Amell and picked his brain about what’s to come, here’s a snippet of the interview, check out the interview in its entirety here.

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IGN: So when you pick up, how is Oliver going to deal with everything that has happened?

Amell: We’re just going to find everybody in a different place. I think we’re actually going to find Oliver literally in a different place at the beginning of next year. It’s our second season, but it’s kind of like a new series. So I’m excited.

IGN: Have you talked to the producers about what this new threat might be for the second season?

Amell: Oh yes. Yes, we’ve had some really good conversations about — let’s put it this way: Arrow’s world is growing.

IGN: Might it be growing to incorporate more DC Comics characters?

Amell: The world is growing…

IGN: [Laughs] Colton Haynes will be a regular next season. Oliver and Roy have had a couple of big scenes together, but not a lot so far.

Amell: I’m excited, you know, we’re through the first season, but I haven’t — other than my last scene with Susanna [Thompson] in the finale, I hadn’t really had an honest conversation with her. And aside from that one scene with Colton, I haven’t really had — I haven’t been myself to him. I haven’t been myself to Thea yet, so there’s tons of different dynamics that we haven’t explored on the show. I’m excited to do that.


Stay tooned 😛




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