I had originally planned on reviewing the first episode of Arrow, which aired last night, but my cable company is at financial war with Pix11, aka The CW in my area, and as I found out this week removed the channel from my lineup, a move I am totally disgusted with when companies like this bicker about money when we as customers pay out the @$$ for services. Nonetheless I will have the review up once I catch it on The CW’s wonderful Ipad app. Until then Towelites I have some Arrow related news for you!

 GreenArrowTV has reported this week that the Royal Flush Gang, well the ‘real life’ interpretation of them, has finally crowned their King. Currie Graham of Criminal Minds will be portraying this baddie when he and his team show up in episode 6.

Series producer Andrew Kreisberg had this to say about our suited fiends:

“You’ll see with the Royal Flush Gang, that the dynamic of the family, and the iconography of the playing cards are going to be there, without the supernatural bent. I think we’ve come up with a really clever way to portray them in a more grounded, realistic world. The Royal Flush Gang are in episode 6, and we’re really proud of that episode. We think it’s one of the most successful attempts at alchemy that we’ve performed. The Huntress is pretty much straight out of the book because she’s such a grounded character, but the Royal Flush Gang were the most outlandish villains from the comics, but they turned out to be our most grounded villains, and the relationship that Oliver has with King, the leader of the gang, we’re really proud of it.”

The big question surrounding the show is: will Laurel Lance become the Black Canary? Can a power like a sonic-scream exist in a ‘grounded’ superhero show?? Here’s a quick quote from Katie Cassidy about the possibilities.

“When I originally had auditioned for this part, I basically came up with a back story that was legitimate to the material that I was given—the pilot. Creating back story to make this person as authentic as possible, I did a little bit of research, but I also, at that point, didn’t consider the Black Canary because I didn’t know. When – if [she becomes Black Canary] is always still a question. You never know with these writers; they could do anything. I try not to think about that at this point because I think sometimes I can get in my own way if I over-think it. I think as far as the Black Canary goes, it will probably happen very organically. I know that Laurel is very strong, very tough. She comes from a middle class family; her father’s a cop; she knows how to fight. It will be something that happens organically, and it’s probably going to be pretty cool.”

Stay tooned 😛