After the announcement that Barry “The Flash” Allen would be appearing in Arrow season 2, fans went nuts. Arrow is raising the bar when it comes to the follow up to an already uber-successful season 1! So why not introduce one of the MAIN Justice Leaguers, and  launch a TV series out of those episodes. PURE GENIUS!! Many rumors are afoot about this universe ultimately tying into the DC movie-verse, but I think I’ll take what DC is giving the fans, one success at a time. Don’t forget that a Flash series was on TV in the 90’s, so this idea is not so far fetched, maybe that is why it can live within Arrow‘s “no superpower” universe. Check out what show writer Marc Guggenheim had to say in an interview with CBR.

The Flash

A Growing Universe…

“Honestly, I’m just excited to help be a part of expanding the DC Universe. I think one of the big thing that appeals to me about comics in general is the idea of the shared universe. It’s a lot of fun to be able to do that in television, and growing up one of the things I enjoyed was the ‘Six Million Dollar Man’ and ‘The Bionic Woman’ and the way those two shows would interact with each other. We’re at least a season away from ‘Arrow’ interacting with ‘The Flash,” but the potential for that is really exciting for me.

An Expanding Universe….

“I think it is a little bit unique. I don’t think we planned it. But at the same time, quite frankly, we didn’t plan to expand the DC Universe so much in the first season of ‘Arrow.’ For example, Greg [Berlanti], Andrew [Kreisberg] and myself never said ‘In the first season of this show, we’re going to introduce the Huntress and Deathstroke.’ We really didn’t have that plan. We were hoping to one day get to those characters, but we never thought it’d happen as quickly as it did.”


Arrow returns on Wednesday October 9th!

Stay tooned 😛



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