Tailing off the high of the announcement of Grant Gustin nabbing the Flash role, we get some more cool looks at the upcoming 2nd season of Arrow. Starting in just under a month, on October 9th, on the CW. In what promises to be a “City of Heroes”, the stable is constantly growing! You never know who could show up!

More like City of Villains

First up is our first look at Michael Jai White as Bronze Tiger! The next questions is who will he be affiliated with? League of Assassins or Suicide Squad?!

[box_light]“Michael Jai White is playing Bronze Tiger and he is such a badass. His performance, our kick-ass stunt department, our incredibly talented costumer designer, and our very gifted props master…they’ve all combined their A-games to create a really great representation of this DC Comics character.” -Marc Guggenheim[/box_light]


 Via: ComicBook.com

Topless Warriors

Also released were slew of  new character poster where apparently they had a shortage on shirts in Starling City! I wonder what the true demographic chart for this show looks like. The CW does what the CW does!


Stay tooned 😛



 Green Arrow Postcard