The League of Assassins in Starling City?!


News of Ra’s Al Ghul‘s appearance on Arrow this fall was close to confirmed until the show runners decided that they would change the name of episode 5 from The Demon’s Head to The League of Assassins. The Demon’s Head is another name for Ra’s in the comics, and as most know the League of Assassins, or The League of Shadows (The Dark Knight Trilogy) is the organization which Ra’s runs. So no matter what we will be seeing LOA in some form or another. But will we see Batman foe Ra’s Al Ghul in season 2? We will have to wait and see, I think it would be pretty cool if they at least mentioned his name. It would be interesting to see the big bad show up, maybe by the end of the year as a cliff hanger to season 3 but I’m sure that’s the most we will get from the ancient character. With Merlyn being a member in the comics, Bronze Tiger being added to the cast, and recently announced that Navid Negahban (24, Homeland) will be playing Al-Owal, who will have major ties to the LOA. Al-Owal will be another “Dark Archer” who was trained by Merlyn, in the episode he will be after someone close to Ollie.  It really looks as if the League will be taking center stage when it comes to this show. I sure hope so, the inclusion of the League as a shadow organization throughout the series would be amazing.

Arrow writer talks Season 2


In a recent interview with AICN, Arrow writer Marc Guggenheim talked briefly about what we can expect when season 2 rolls around, hit the jump to read the full interview in which he discusses Marvel Comics, the Arrow comic series, and more!

MA: Speaking of Season 2, is there anything you can tease us about?

MG: Ah, let’s see, what can I tease… well, I’ll tell you, the show has actually gotten bigger. Which, quite frankly, if you’d asked me last year if I thought that was possible, I’d have told you “No”, because we were really straining at the bit just to produce the show given the time and budget that we have, but everyone’s come back and we’re really firing on all cylinders. The second season I think is bigger and it’s a bit more focused in terms of the storytelling. We’ve made a variety of different character changes; Tommy’s death, and also the various changes we’ve made to Laurel’s status quo, and Thea’s status quo, will basically connect those characters more to Oliver’s world. Same thing is true for Felicity, so that everything is revolving around Oliver in a much tighter way than it was last year. Last year we would occasionally end up with characters siloed off in their own stories, either Thea and Moira, or Tommy and Laurel. And this year, the narrative of the show has gotten a lot more focused. And I think it’s made for stronger, better episodes.


So there you have it, the latest news from Starling City! Keep it here to DFAT for more Arrow news and rumors as they roll in! Catch my weekly recap of the show and watch Arrow on the CW Wednesdays this fall at 8pmEST!

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