Want to see more Season 2 action?

Here’s the latest promo for Arrow Season 2, premiering Wednesday, October 9th. A little mash up of the previous and fresh Summer Glau scenes. Can’t wait.



When Slade Wilson appears in Starling City this season, how will it go down?!  Will Slade become Deathstroke? What role does he play in the current storyline? We’ll know in about a month! Head on over to Access Hollywood for the full interview with Manu Bennett, where he mostly talks about Spartacus.

The Odyssey

Access: How excited you are for ‘Arrow’ Season 2, you’re in the poster!

Manu: I’m really excited because when I first started with ‘Arrow’ … it was a different pace, a different tone. It was just more sort of factual and modern. … It’s already bigger than ‘Spartacus’ in terms of viewership, and being part of a franchise like that, it’s really gonna sort of help me build an even stronger future in this industry. And also, Slade Wilson, I know by what I’ve been told and the way that the character is already started to curve in the second season that he’s gonna be as big [of] a challenge as an acting role as what Crixus was and I think I can give him a lot of the light and shade that Crixus had, that I know the audience loves and appreciated in my performance as Crixus. So I think I’m again on a winning role and I can’t wait to embrace it further. I’m riding the tip of the arrow (laughs).

Stay tooned 😛


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