With the HUGE success of The Flash spinning out of The CW’s hit superhero show Arrow, it was only a matter of time before another live-action show was announced. We are already going to see an animated series (Vixen) set in that world, so it doesn’t look like the team of Guggenheim, Berlanti and Kreisberg (sounds like a law firm) is slowing down with growing their already “super” world even more. This week two more characters were announced for the upcoming spin-off series, which is looking like it’s heading towards a “team” show. But what does this all mean when it comes to what DC is doing in the movies with those characters? I have some ideas.

Hawkgirl Ciara RenneFirst up let’s talk about the cast for the untitled project so far. Some familiar faces will be showing up including Brandon Routh (The Atom), Wentworth Miller (Captain Cold), Dominic Purcell (Heat Wave), Victor Garber (Dr. Martin Stein aka 1/2 of Firestorm), and Caity Lotz (the dead Canary). Joining this motley crew is Ciara Renée (L&O: SVU) in the role of Hawkgirl and Arthur Darvill (Doctor Who) as time-traveler Rip Hunter. While there is still one role (male) to cast, this list is already looking very impressive and makes me wonder what the plan for this show is. The addition of Hawkgirl is an amazing choice, especially for a lead character. Many will remember this Thanagarian badass from the 90’s Justice League cartoon and it’s about time she found her place in the DCCU. From the looks of it, the return of Caity Lotz could spell out some major spoilers for the rest of this season of Arrow, but I’m all about the return of this Canary. Though, now that Laurel is training with Nyssa, we’ll see how her fighting style improves. Rip Hunter is a really interesting choice, I am actually surprised that DC didn’t take the opportunity to use a character like Booster Gold, but I’m sure they have other plans for him. The mixture of villains and heroes does confuse me a little bit. I don’t mind seeing The Rogues show up as they have been great this season on The Flash, but their presence in the lineup does negate my Justice League theory a bit. Originally it was rumored that Routh’s, The Atom, would be getting his own show, which made a lot of sense with him being more of an established actor. Also, Firestorm was said to also be getting his own spin-off, but the lack of Robbie Amell’s name throws that theory out, mostly. I can MAYBE see Dr. Stein leading the team, who knows. The final piece of the puzzle may bring us more clues, so we’ll have to wait and see which character they go with and who’s the casting choice. Rip Hunter Arthur DarvillSeeing that they announced two this week, I’m sure the final member isn’t far behind.

The real question here is, what will this show be about? Are we looking at a version of the Justice League? Perhaps either JL International or JL United? My only doubts about it being a “Justice League” show is that the movies are nowhere near being released. Would DC allow a team-up of this magnitude, with that famous title, happen on the small screen before the big? Probably not. This isn’t Suicide Squad either, well most likely not. Unless they announce a NEW Deadshot (remember he’s supposedly dead), I don’t think this going to happen. Especially with the movie coming out next year. My last thought on this is a version of the “Brave and the Bold” comics from DC. The thought here is that they have a different team-up (duo of characters) every week. This could be a way to cameo a bunch of characters that could never really hold their own in their own show, or make sense showing up on Arrow or The Flash. Well, at least the “realistic” world of Arrow. Now that I think about it, that’s the formula I would love to see.

In conclusion, I can’t wait to hear what this show is going to be about. The success of the The Flash has really opened up the doors to many possibilities. With so many new DC Comics shows on the horizon, I would be surprised if they would create a team show that would compete with Titans. I’m still holding out hope that Titans, Supergirl, and whatever else DC does outside of The CW, will all tie-in together and eventually exist in the same world as the upcoming movies. Keep it tooned to DFAT for more updates when they drop about this mysterious new show!