Arrow has been a solid show over the past two season and especially with this year’s season 2! We have seen a some classic DC Comics villains come and go including Deadshot, Count Vertigo, Solomon Grundy, Brother Blood, Merlyn, and more! But who else should make an appearance on the show? The problem with many of the Green Arrow villains from the comics is that they are very unknown and most are not that interesting. So who would work best from across the DCU?  Here is my top 5 list of DC Comics rogues who could fit nicely into the “grounded” world of Arrow and terrorize Starling City!


The Mad Hatter Batman5. The Mad Hatter (aka Jervis Tetsch): This tech villain would make a great opponent for Arrow and friends. Here’s a great scenario, The Mad Hatter is secretly operating as a hat dealer in Starling City and as he sells hats to his clients they fall under his mind-control and are made to do some sort of crime. It would be a good antagonist for Felicity as well as she tries to find a counter to The Mad Hatter’s technology. The writers could also make his appearance really creepy somewhat similar to his appearances in the Arkham games, and who wouldn’t want to see his henchmen running around with rabbit masks on!


Captain Cold4. Captain Cold (aka Leonard Snart): With The Flash getting his own series soon it isn’t a long-shot that this classic rogue will be showing up soon on TV. But that doesn’t mean he has to be Flash specific! Any “ice” villain could easily be explained through the use of some kind of “freeze gun” tech. I am actually really excited to see if the creators of the Flash show decide to take on the whole stable of The Flash’s Rogues,  they are some of my favorite DC Villains and actually most of them could work quite well in the world of Arrow as well! There’s nothing wrong with a little crossover and the fans would eat it up!


Harley Quinn3. Harley Quinn (aka  Dr. Harleen Frances Quinzel, M.D.): This list may include a lot of Batman villains but that’s ok because they really are the best and what a better way to suggest that Batman exists out there somewhere in the world of Arrow than to include his rogues! Harley Quinn would be a perfect way to hint at the existence of The Joker, her madness and diabolical ways could make for a really fun episode and also lighten up the serious tone of our favorite do-gooders! This one isn’t to much of a stretch as you may recall the character appeared on Birds of Prey, played by Mia Sara, but was not a comic-accurate portrayal, but grounded enough that perhaps combining her with Arkham video game version, she could make a great character on Arrow!


Captain Boomerang2. Captain Boomerang (aka Digger Harkkness): Starting to see a pattern here? Here’s another awesome Flash villain that will probably show up at some point but I feel that he would be a great opponent for Arrow. Why? Because he also uses a long distance weapon in the form of the boomerang, obviously. Wouldn’t it be cool to see Arrow and the Captain go toe to toe in the final battle of an episode, as Arrow has to shoot down the boomerangs with his arrows?!



Lex Luthor

1. Lex Luthor: Why not right? DC should want to tie their movie and TV world’s together and what a better way than to bring in Luthor. Being one of my favorite villains of all time, Luthor would make a great opponent for both Ollie and his alter-ego. By casting an actor that wouldn’t have an issue doing both film and TV (i.e. Bryan Cranston), it would be the perfect opportunity to open up the entire DCU! Here’s a great plot for an multi-episode arc: With the faltering Queen Industries, Luthor comes to Starling City with a mission to absorb the company into his own LexCorp. It’ll take the combined efforts of Oliver and Isabel Rochev to prevent this from happening, as Arrow and team battle his secret villainy on the streets of Starling City. Allowing the show to make references to Man of Steel and even mention the name Superman would make the fans go crazy!


So what do you think Towelites? Do you agree or disagree with some of my choices? Do you have any suggestions of your own? As usual sound off in the comments! And check out my weekly recap of Arrow, Thursdays, right here on DFAT!

Stay tooned 😛



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