A Black Canary Arrrives in Starling City

Black Canary DC Comics

Green Arrow and Black Canary are my second favorite duo in the DCU, and I have been excited to see what direction the hit show Arrow would take in regards to this classic story arc. Well here’s our answer, at least for now. We had all hoped that Katie Cassidy, who plays Laurel Lance on the show, would take the mantle, she even has proven that she can handle herself in a fight. So will Cassidy be throwing on those fishnets and letting out that sonic scream? It doesn’t look like it. At SDCC, it was announced that Caity Lotz (The Pact) would be joining season 2 as Dinah Drake, aka the Black Canary. Here’s what The Wrap had to say about the casting:

“While the Black Canary will start out as a recurring role, Lotz is expected to eventually become a series regular, as her character will be groomed as a love interest for Arrow (Stephen Amell).”

In the comics, Dinah Drake was the original Black Canary. She had no superpowers, which fits quite well into the more “realistic” world that Arrow is building, but her hand-to-hand combat skills were top-notch, this earned her a spot on the JSA. But then DC started skewing their continuity and it gets complicated and I’ll let you read her bio here. So what version will we see in Arrow? It’s kinda strange to approach the character this way, especially when you have already introduced Laurel’s mother, so how does this Dinah fit into the Arrow universe? Who knows but from what had been revealed about the upcoming season so far I am really excited for its return!




Gotta Collect ’em All!

What’s up next on DC Collectibles awesome slate of action figure releases? Arrow and Deathstroke! It looks like they are joining the 3.75″ line, I hope, so I can stand them next to my Injustice Green Arrow and Deathstroke. I am more than impressed by the quality of these figures and I think that DC is doing a bang-up job with their figures, I hope there are many more to come down the road. Check them out below!

Arrow DC Collectibles

Stay tooned 😛



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