Hey Towelites! It’s been another week and Arrow is now on its 2nd episode! Titled “Honor Thy Father“, Ollie is now taking on the fake persona of the “spoiled rich kid” as he tries to deceive everyone around him. It reminds me of the ‘ol Bruce Wayne trick but since these two characters are so close in comparison it doesn’t really bother me too much. The episode continues the now familiar formula of Arrow hunting down the “bad people” on his list, as he brings another criminal to justice. This episode shows off Laurel a little more and her crusade to fight the wrong in Starling City, an interesting parallel to Ollie’s mission as well. Another strong episode, but definitely very similar to the Pilot. We are also introduced to new villain China White, played by Kelli Hu of X-Men fame. I am still impressed by the quality of the show, in comparison to what the current comic is offering, this is far superior in terms of storytelling. The action scenes stay strong and believable without being too over the top.Stephen Ammel continues to develop the concept of the split personality in great ways, as he is able to portray the spoiled rich boy and the traumatized, yet focused, “true” Oliver Queen. I also enjoy the incorporation of the “inner dialogue” with a voice over of Oliver’s thoughts making the whole comic book interpretation all the better! Though Green Arrow is still viewed as a vigilante, the people of Starling City are slowly learning that they have someone to defend the innocent and right the wrongs. I am very excited for next week’s episode after the shocking finale of this episode. Purgatory Island holds many mysteries for us viewers and I am happy at the pace that they are revealing them to us! Deathstroke is coming in episode 5 and I can’t wait!!!

Another Batman villain will be bringing terror to Starling City and “Green” Arrow will be there to stop him!! Firefly will be showing up in episode 10!! Here’s a synopsis from the upcoming episode:

In episode 110, Oliver will meet Garfield — a firefighter who was horribly burned three years ago, and never recovered from the trauma. Since then, he’s been abandoned by his wife and kids, and he’s now described as a “bitter, vengeful shell of a man.” Meanwhile, the Starling City Fire Chief is also haunted by Garfield’s injury… since he’s the one who was forced to leave Garfield behind to burn.

Remember the original idea of Arrow being grounded in reality and that the “supers” of the DCU would not be around, well (as predicted) the shows producers may be taking all of that back, here’s a flurry of quotes about the future of the show and what they would personally like to see happen. Fine with me as long as Dinah becomes Black Canary and gets into those fishnets.

We’re open to anything and everything; I’m not entirely sure you’ll be seeing characters like Superman, Batman, Green Lantern and Wonder Woman because they’re much more fantastical and right now we’re focusing on Oliver Queen as being the only hero. That being said, we’re looking forward to bringing on other DC Comics characters and characters that people have never really seen before or lesser-known characters. That’s what’s been fun for us; Superman will always get his due.” Andrew Kreisberg

We’ve got a lot of different characters and then there are characters you may not recognize unless you’re a diehard comic book fans. One of the things we’ve done, mainly because we’re fans, is we’ve thrown in a lot of Easter eggs for the hardcore fans. If you’re a big fan of the DC Comics universe, you’ll see a lot of familiar names and places: Big Belly Burger, which is a hamburger chain from the Superman comic books makes a regular appearance on our show and we have a Big Belly Burger franchise as one of our standing sets. You’ll still hear about characters from those worlds and from [Gotham and Metropolis]. We’re imagining a DC universe without super-powered characters but that doesn’t mean that in our parallel universe that there isn’t a Metropolis or a Gotham City. There are references to places like Corto Maltese (a wartorn island) and Markovia. I would listen and watch carefully if you’re a comic book fan because some of the references are really subtle and will go past a lot of people.Marc Guggenheim

When we bring characters from the DC universe into the show, we’re careful about doing it right and having a reason to and not just doing it to say because we can bring in a specific character. As time goes on, hopefully we’ll do some of the biggies.Greg Berlanti

I want to see General Zod, or at the very least Terrence Stamp in some way shape or form. People have speculated that maybe Hal Jordan would show up in Starling City before he gets the ring. There are a ton of people that we could see.Stephen Amell

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Via: The Hollywood Reporter