Welcome to another edition of Artist Alley! Both Chaz and I had the pleasure of meeting Jason Metcalf at last year’s NYCC where we picked up some of his great comic book inspired art pieces.  So naturally being a fan of his work, I thought that I would reach out to Jason for an interview for our column Artist Alley and pick his brain about his passion and the work he does. Jason has worked on various projects including The Darkness and The Magdelina from Top CowEternal Descent and Wrath of the Titans for IDW, Blu-ray content for Game of Thrones and The History Channel’s Vikings, and trading card art for two different Upper Deck Marvel Comics series.


Check out Jason Metcalf’s official website for more of his awesome work, and catch him at this year’s NYCC Artist Alley booth B12!

Jason Metcalf Avengers

Pencils by Jason Metcalf/Colors by Jeremy Roberts, Hulk colors by Jason Metcalf


DFAT: When did you first begin drawing? Did you have any particular inspirations or favorite things to draw?

JM: I began drawing at the wee age of 3, starting out with Super Friends, DC heroes and some Hulk. I also loved drawing dinosaurs and dragons in my pre-school years. These were all things I saw on TV when I was a kid, and then on the news stand comic racks when I got a little older.


Jason Metcalf ConanDFAT: Name three of your favorite characters to draw from the comic book world?

JM: Batman, Hawkman and Conan


DFAT: Who in the comic book industry do you consider, past or present, to be your biggest influence(s) on the work you do?

JM: I don’t know if there is a ‘biggest’. Frazetta, Buscema and Garcia Lopez were my first influences, my ‘pre-Image’ influences. Then Lee, Silvestri, McFarlane, Adams, Turner and Finch made their mark. Others like Foster, Heath and Wrightson have their place as well. Lately, I’m enjoying a lot of the DC house styles. And Lee Weeks’ pure illustration.


DFAT: What would you consider the project that “got away”?

JM: I don’t consider any project as one that has ‘got away’. There are a few that I did not know were in the making that would have been nice to lend some energy to – The Wheel of Time series would have been fun. I have done work for Game of Thrones, on their season 2 blu ray ‘Histories’. Conan or Hawkman or Batman might be fun. If any of David Eddings’ Elenium or High Hunt ever get translated to comics, I would love to be in on that. And maybe some Forgotten Realms comics.

Jason Metcalf BatmanDFAT: What’s down the pipeline for you, what projects can you tell us about that you are currently working on?

JM: There is a personal project I have been whittling away on for quite some time, a high fantasy adventure, very character driven – I hope to be releasing more content on that soon.


DFAT: What advice do you give to people who want to do what you do?

JM: Don’t do what I do. Do what you do and do it well. Share with as many people as possible and keep doing it. And have fun with it.


Art Creds: All Pencils by Jason Metcalf, Colors: Batman by Jeff Balke and  Gambit by Ula Mos

Stay tooned 😛



Jason Metcalf Gambit