Let’s start this off by saying that this is a RUMOR at this point. Given that Asa Butterfield has been on the short list asa butterfieldfor some time for actors up for the role of Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man; it’s a very likely rumor. Latino-Review broke the case and said that they’ve had the information until last Friday; but were just waiting to drop it until today. (for whatever reason…)

Marvel and Sony have said that they wanted to go with a younger actor, and it looks like Ender Wiggin is the winner. I think that Butterfield is a fantastic actor after seeing him in Hugo and Ender’s Game; but in both role, he didn’t have to be humorous. Given that Spidey is my favorite superhero and he’s a jokester, I’m curious to see how he’ll do in the role where he’ll be going out of his acting ‘comfort zone.’

Like I said, this is a rumor at the moment and we’ll be sure to let you know when this goes official here at DFAT!