Every so often, I go into the PlayStation Store and browse around to see if there was something I missed, or some new demo I can play. A few weeks back this turned out to be Asura’s Wrath (which actually flew below the radar, cause this game came out earlier in the year). And after 10 minutes of the demo, I went into the other room and ordered the game.

This game is many things, but if I had to choose 3 words to describe it, they would be: Unique, interesting and epic. Asura’s Wrath is a story strongly based on Japanese themes; both visually and “philosophically”. By this I mean the animation is similar to that of Japanese animations – with characters very much like Street Fighter (well, it is a Capcom game), and environments very neo futuristic (amongst others). By philosophically, I mean the not so sublet influences of the Hindu religion, karma, mantra, etc.

The story is extreme, as to be expected – and with it comes pretty bad voice acting (at least the American side of it), but what makes this game great is how different it is. You see, the whole game is like watching an anime – while playing out some of the parts. Imagine the Lean Vs Krauser demo/button-pushing fight from Resident Evil 4, with a touch of God of War added to it, all set in the epic proportions of DragonBall Z. One moment a god is attacking you, then next you’re prompted to press a button, then your character dives to the side, and a mountain disintegrates in the background.

Seriously… if you like Japanese animation, DragonBall Z, stories of Gods and vengeance and Epic things, then this is your game. And on top of that, you’ll get to play something unique and… well, weird.