Truth be told I bought AC3 because of the gameplay mechanic that let you captain the classic sea vessels from Revolutionary times all along the Eastern Seaboard taking on the British Armada and other high sea adventures! During my time playing the game, especially on the side missions to the Caribbean made me say “hey why isn’t there a game like this set in the world of pirates?”. Then Ubisoft decided to create this game and all of my dreams came true. So check out the new trailer and then we can talk more!



What ya think Towelites? The exciting aspect of this game is that it will be one of the first games available on the PS4, can you imagine next generation graphics served up Assassin’s Creed style?! Head on over to IGN for a full perspective on the game! By the way, we were questioning what Todd McFarlane‘s involvement in the game would be after a sneak peek at some promo art, well Gamestop will be offering a SPECIAL pre-order bonus of an awesome exclusive poster which has a map on the reverse side, you all know how much I love my video game maps, this one will probably join my Borderland’s Pandora map and Elder Scrolls Skyrim map, I can’t wait!

assassins creed 4 mcfarlane map poster



Stay tooned 😛