James Cameron is a busy guy. He plans on shooting all three Avatar sequels next year, and he’s also working with Disney on created an Avatar Land. We first heard about this at D23 this year, but today we have the first footage of what we can expect from the biggest expansion in Disney history. Take a look at the unveiling below!

Avatar Land will let guests walk through Pandora, feel what it’s like to soar with the Banshees, and experience an all-new light show that takes place at dark. No definitive time as when the theme park will be complete, but with how big this place is going to be, I’d expect it closer to the December 2016 of the first film.





As more Avatar Land news comes in, Stay Tuned to DFAT and find out what develops! I can’t wait to visit this place and see the Na’Vi in person!

Images thanks to D23.com.