Settle down and put down those controllers and keyboards for a moment. While you’re shooting aliens and piloting spacecraft to defend the world, there are some gamers that prefer to take a much more traditional approach to video games.

Did you know that there are thousands of video games that have real-life versions? Sure, they may have been twisted a bit and changed to suit their video game counterparts, but you’ll be surprised at how many games you play right now that have been influenced by things like board games and collectable miniatures. If you consider yourself a true gamer, then how about testing your might on some of these games that are based on their physical versions?


Sports Games

You can’t get any more physical than a sports game. Whether it’s American Football or Soccer, there are countless different sports that have been turned into video game incarnations for everyone to enjoy regardless of their physical prowess. There’s a surprising amount of freedom and customisation when it comes to sports games, and if you learn all of the strategies, tactics and plays for each sport, you’ll find that you will start to enjoy watching real sports as well!

Dancing Games

Rhythm and dancing might be alien to most gamers, but there are many dancing games such as Just Dance that are not only fun, challenging and inexpensive, but they double as a great workout to improve your overall health, stamina and even coordination. You might want to practice at home on your own, but once you get good at it, you can take your newfound dancing skills to a club and show off your moves!


The classic game of Poker is played worldwide and it has many different versions that are all enjoyed equally. If you’re a gamer, then you might scoff at the thought of playing Poker because there’s too much “randomness” involved. It’s true that there is a factor of randomness when it comes to playing card games, but did you know that professional Poker is played by thousands around the world on sites like Unibet? People even make a living off playing Poker, making it one of the most successful games to have huge cash prizes for tournaments. Even if you’re not interested in making money and turning professional, there are plenty of reasons to jump into a game like Poker because it’s competitive, fun, and you’ll never have a lack of players.

Role-Playing Games

The idea of sitting around a table with some pens, paper and a stack of rulebooks isn’t the most interesting sounding night. However, if you’ve ever played a role-playing game then you should know that the forefather of the typical RPG stems from Dungeons and Dragons, the very first incarnation of a role-playing game that was so widely spread that it spawned several video game varieties, and the entire idea turned into the genre we know today as RPG. If you are looking for a fun role-playing game that harkens back to the old days, then look no further than Pillars of Eternity or Divinity: Original Sin.