We have a little bit of a casting update for the upcoming Carlton Cuse production of the Psycho prequel television, Bates Motel, today. Richard Harmon of A&E‘s The Killing joins the cast as Richard Slymore. We also are graced with Keegan Connor Tracey as Bate’s teacher, Miss Watson. Added these two along with Vera Farmiga as Norman Bate’s mother, and Freddy Highmore in the role of Norman, the casting is rounding out quite well.

Harmon’s character is described by TV Line as the cool, intelligent and artsy BMOC at the high school Norman Bates (Freddie Highmore) enrolls at after he and his mother move to town. Richard is not at all thrilled when his girlfriend finds herself emotionally connecting to the new kid.

Tracey has found herself in many roles, including that of Final Destination 2, Battlestar Gallactica, and Once Upon A Time.

“Bates Motel” will give viewers an intimate understanding of how Norman Bates’ psyche developed from his childhood through his teen years. Fans will have access to the dark, twisted backstory and learn firsthand how his mother, Norma, and her lover damaged Norman, helping forge the most well-known serial killing motel owner in history.

The show is currently filming in Vancouver right now, with a 2013 expected release date.

Thanks to JoBlo for the update.