Bates Motel was one of my favorite shows last year. I already loved the Hitchock film, and Carlton Cuse and Kerry Ehrin did a splendid job on reinventing the classic in a new and modern twist. At Comic Con, the creators had some interesting things to say about Season 2, as well as unveiled a hilarious video starring Freddie Highmore (Norman Bates).

  • Vera Farmiga (Norma Bates) was asked how she prepared for the role, and she said she Google’d “parents of psychopaths”
  • Norman murdering Ms. Watson is definitely a transition forward for the character
  • Nestor Carbondell (Sheriff Romero) said he has is own way of dealing with the law, his own “moral code”
  • The creators said that the first season could be season as two seasons, the first 6 episodes and the last 4
  • Cuse hinted at the possibility of meeting Norma’s brother
  • Max Theiriot (Dylan Bates) wants a love interest for the next season and Cuse hinted there’d be a “romance” in his future, but not in the traditional sense
  • About how the show will end: “Our idea is to tell the story as best we can in the right amount of time”

Also, not from the Con itself, but actor Michael Vartan has officially joined the cast as a love interest of Norma’s. I can’t wait to see what secrets THIS boyfriend has to hide. His name is George, and his one of three new roles that will be filled. The upcoming season begins filming soon.

Below, is also a fun clip of Freddie Highmore called “Where’s Freddie?”