Carlton Cuse‘s, Bates Motel, is less than a month away and A&E is steady on it’s marketing campaign for the creep-show. The series will star Freddie Highmore in the role of Norman Bates; whilst Vera Farmiga will be stepping into the role as his dear, old, mother. From what we’ve seen of the show, it looks to be a very spooky time that will hopefully follow in the footsteps of the original movie. It’s kinda odd that everyone seems to be from the 1950’s, though they use modern technology.

Regardless, of that strange fact. Check out the posters from the new show. They seem to be in the same vein as FX’s, American Horror Story. Let’s just hope that this show can keep more on track than AHS.

Bates Motel will be airing on March 18th, 2013.