Hey Towelites and horror fiends! Another fantastic episode of Bates Motel to recap. So far, I’m really liking how this show is shaping up!

-Obviously the relationship between Norma and Norman is uber creepy and I’m enjoying how their really playing it up.

– The introduction of Dylan (Max Thieriot), Normans half-brother, is a great addition to the cast. He’s played by , and he did a great job. I love when he asked Norma if Emma (Olivia Cooke) would be taking out her oxygen when she made out with Norman

– Speaking of Emma, I think her and Norman will be making a good girlfriend and I think that she may even support him if he eventually kills in the show

– I get it, your friend is Mr. Summers and he’s gone missing, but the sheriff being all up in Norma’s grill is really cramping my style.

– I’m glad that Dylan calls Norma out on we having all this money. He also implies she killed him. Obviously.

– What’s going on with this soundtrack? First episode had Radiohead and this one has Everclear. Awesome!

– Why are Norma and Norman dressing like the 60’s when everyone else is complete in the present?

– I believe that Dylan may be Normans first kill.

– is it possible that the pot farmers are French? They sounded like Jean Reno.

– so, you steal pot, you get burned alive? Makes sense.

I love that the sleaziness is there, and we got to finally look a bit behind the veil of the creepy town. That’s this weeks recap, stay tuned next week for more Bates Motel action. In the meantime, check out the teaser for next weeks episode!