I’m wondering if the producers are aware that it’s only been the 3rd episode, because this show was freaking outta control. I love that the characters keep getting creepier, that Norman is close to killing someone, and that his relationship with Norma keeps getting amped up. Let’s take a look below at some of the highlights of the episode!

– $300 dollars a day just to drink beer and hang out? Sign me up! It’s a little shocking that the town is run on weed and that everyone keeps saying “An Eye for an Eye.” Almost like that’s the go-to Stephen King saying.

– Norman kept a rape kit. Ok…fair enough. But to just put it out in the open basically!? And then the Deputy just DECIDED to keep it. Well, but the end of the episode, I guess I know why he did it.

– Should we be wondering if Emmais going to be put in the basement by Norman?

– I like that Dylan actually looked out for his baby brother, especially after last week Norman tried to literally kill him. Also, Norman didn’t remember that he attacked him? Are we to think that Norman just blacks out and performs acts of sadism? Yes, yes we are.

– Norma clearly wants the D in Deputy, but at what cost? I believe she’s more about her personal needs, rather than the needs of her son and family.

– Could Norman BE any louder breaking into the Deputy’s house?

– We’re all in agreement that we DID NOT see that asian girl locked in the Deputy’s basement coming right?

So, those are just some of the highlights of the episode and I’m really excited to see what happens next. It’s becoming one of those shows that, at the end of the episode, I really can’t wait for what’s going to happen next! Speaking of what happens next, take a look at the preview for Episode 4, Trust Me, below.

Here’s a trailer for next week’s episode, Trust Me.

Stay Tuned for next week’s recap here at DFAT!