Another week, another crazy episode of Bates Motel. This one was a bit more tamed down than last week, but no less entertaining. We saw more of Nestor Carbondell‘s guyliner, the benefits of human trafficking, and why you don’t wrap dead bodies in carpets.

– So, Norman has no idea what reality is. That’s gotta make things interesting for literally everyone around him.

– Thank goodness that Dylan was there to save Norman’s butt from the creepy deputy; but did that chick SERIOUSLY grab Norman hard enough to bruise him? I guess he does have the frame of a 12 yr old girl.

– How does Dylan’s teeth stay so white when all he does is smoke and drink?

– It was a little CW, but I’m glad that Norman got laid. The kid is WAY too wound up, and I think that getting those frustrations out is probably the healthiest thing for him.

– Where does one just HIDE an asian girl? The deputy had to put her some where. Also, who is even buying these women?

– Hey Norman, you’re mom’s a bit of a hussy. She’s not sleeping with the deputy because he’s “making her.”

– Is anyone else afraid of what’s going to happen to Norma next week? I think all the evidence is pretty stacked against her. Girl needed to pay more attention to Dexter.

Stay Tuned to DFAT next week for another recap of Bates Motel