Is everyone else enjoying Bates Motel as much as I am? The show keeps getting more creepy by the week, and I’m loving the direction it’s heading it. Just when you think you know a character, they change. You like that guy? Oh, well they might not live past the current episode. Carlton Cuse and Jeff Wadlow have really created quite a crazy series! Below, I have a bit of my highlights from this week’s episode, Ocean View.

– I think Norman is going to keep getting screwed over by his mom and the series will end with him killing her and going right into the movie.

– I feel super bad for Emma as she keeps kissing Norman and he doesn’t care. It’s so awkward and weird and I just wanna pull her oxygen out and tell her that it’s never going to happen.

– Anyone else think that Norma was gonna ask Norman if he’d show her how he “got laid” with Bradley. I expected her to strip down and have him show her wear Bradley made him “touch her”.

– Not that I had a big attachment to Ethan, but I did NOT see Ethan getting shot in the neck. Price you pay for helping out your friends in that town I guess.

– I love that Emma calls out Norman for sleeping with Bradley as just a hook up. “Did she change her relationship status?” That girl is just just has to stand in long. Bradley, his mother, and then maybe you Emma. Sorry.

– I’m surprised Norma didn’t instantly puke when she learned that asian girl was the deputy’s sex slave. The man who covered up your murder kept a girl in his basement and used her as his sex puppet. Just absorb that Norma, really let it sink in.

– Now that Norma knows about the deputy, what’s gonna happen with that guy? She can’t continue going out with him, and killing him will only incriminate her more.

What’s gonna happen next week? Well, we can only speculate that Norma is going to try and incriminate the deputy and Norman is probably going to freak out more. Let’s check out the preview for next week’s episode, The Truth, and see a glimpse at what’s coming.