This week’s episode was my favorite by far. It was completely out of control and had a ton of twists and turns. You could tell that creators Carlton Cuse and Kerry Ehrin wrote the episode, because it was top-notch. The only complaint that I could have is that I wish the show wasn’t done in three more episodes!

– a glass of water is the best cure when finding out your boyfriend runs an Asian sex slave operation
– real men don’t look back at an explosion Dylan
– “is there something wrong with me mother?” Ya think?!
– Norman and Dylan sitting in a tree
– Norman and Dylan use no gloves, make a mess, and don’t even BOTHER covering their tracks
– nothing like talking about your son as someone is in where he came out of
– Norma is calmly cool unless she’s killing someone
– it’s kinda sweet that Norma cares so much for her son she could care less about dying
– Norma couldn’t care about what is going on in the house
– whose going to clean out all these bullet holes?
– how long does it take the police to respond in this town?
– I can’t say I’m entirely surprised that Norman killed his father, but I did really expect it to be Norma

I can’t wait to see next week’s episode, here is a preview of next week!