Another week in the weird, world of Bates Motel. This wasn’t my favorite episode, but I enjoyed in nonetheless. Filled with more sexual tension between family members, more teenage angst, and a creepy man whose hair is just too blonde for his age. Check out the recap below!

– ok, so…lets just pull another cover up. This town is VERY ok with sweeping things under the rug
– having your mom next to your morning wood is about is awkward as possible
– you can’t get blood outta stone, Norma. Pertinent line.
– how many Cosby sweaters does Norman own?
– Dylan has eyes for Bradley it seems, wonder if Norman will “forget he murdered his brother in his sleep”
– I feel so bad for Emma. Norman needs someone who isn’t going to drive him to murder someone
– anyone else think that Bradley looks like a much younger version of his mom? I have a feeling that’s a bit intentional

– very happy my mom didn’t have a ‘birds & the bees’ talk with me like Norma did with Norman.

– I like when Norman mentally blacks out and goes completely numb/blurry.

– Mr. Abernathy is TOTALLY running a sex ring at that hotel.
– she hugged Norman while he held the corpse of a dog in his hands. True Love right there.

And if you wan’t wait any longer, check out the preview for next week’s episode, ‘A Boy and His Dog’. Stay Tuned for next week’s recap here on DFAT!