Hey Towelites, sorry we’ve been a little behind on the Bates Motel recaps. I had some personal stuff come up, but we’re here now and ready to share our thoughts on this absolutely crazy show! Below are the recaps from the past two episodes, and we’ll get a big one for the finale next week! Take a look below and enjoy!


A Boy and His Dog

– taxidermy. And so it begins.
– seriously, what time period are people dressing in?
– Could the man in room 9 BE any more creepy?
– guyliner will burn you like Bradley’s dad, and probably hang her too
– Norma was quick to call that teacher out for touching kids
– please stop petting the body of that dead dog.
– “what’s wrong with letting a young person follow their passion?”
– don’t follow someone to a shady boat dock. That’s how one gets Dexter’d
– Dylan hates hippies
– I believe that Norma really is in control of her own life. She doesn’t let anyone mess with her
– Emma dresses like she was found in a rug store and that’s the material their made her clothes out of
– why would you have to question why your son brought a van full of hippies to your hotel. You love money so much you don’t even question things.
– didn’t expect THAT ending



 – I like that Dylan tries to downplay the fact Norma finds her ex-boyfriends dead body in her bed.
– Norma hates doobie smokers. Fact.
– Norman’s “wet” dream is choking out Bradley in a bath tub
– you really think someone would send you flowers!? No one likes you!
– a dead dog on your bed is super weird.
– Norman may never WANT to hurt anyone, but he always does.
– let’s just have Emma get high and explode.
– Ms. Watson is all about that sweet, underage killing booty
– calling Norma crazy is a bit like “the pot calling the kettle black”
– Emma is baked outta her skull and its hilarious.
– how did Dylan’s arm heal so fast? He got shot
– perfectly normal to sleep in the bed with your 17yr old son
– there is No Way that Norma isn’t going to kill Abernathy

Here’s a preview of the final episode “Midnight”