Batman The Animated Series is arguably one of the best cartoons ever made. It set the standard to what could be a considered an “adult” show that’s a cartoon. I remember when it aired at it’s late-night time slot and I heard that Danny Elfman score blasting through my tube television, and goosebumps came over me. I was about to witness something I’ve never seen before. An animated version of one of my superheroes done right.

The people over at MondoTees loved the show as well, and they are giving the Caped Crusader the justice he deserves by releasing a 12″inch die-cut of the theme music. For only $25 dollars you can pick up this amazing collector’s item and be the admiration of all your geekly friends.

Here’s what you’ll be getting:

Batman: The Animated Series Die-Cut 12″ Single featuring Main Titles & End Credits from the television show, housed in an incredible gatefold jacket designed by Phantom City Creative, and pressed on Black and Black with Gray Splatter vinyl.

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Make sure to pre-order your very own over at Mondotees!