Coming October 25th from DC Comics and WB Games, Batman Arkham Origins will explore the story before the adventures in Arkham Asylum and Arkham City! Arkham Origins will pit Batman against Black Mask and the assassins he has hired to take out the Bat! But don’t think you can just get away with purchasing the game! No! Did you think that we wouldn’t get a season pass for this soon to be hit?! Check out what is included for a measly $19.99!


I guess its nice to get a thousand skins and all but what I am really looking forward to is the Initiation Challenge Maps that put you in the role of Bruce Wayne before he became Batman. I think that’s a pretty neat idea and original, so I’ll really be looking forward to that. Not sure what “A New Story” is, probably something similar to the Catwoman campaign DLC from Arkham City! So if you want this get down to your local game shop and preorder because sometimes they run out of the codes! See you in Gotham Towelites!

Stay tooned 😛