Good Morning Gothamites and Towelites! Happy Arkham Origins Day!!

We’ve been waiting for it, and the time has finally come for Batman: Arkham Origins! I had my preorder already paid for, and all I had to do was pick it up! So, I waited amongst the other hardcore nerds who I try to separate myself from, and realize that I’m just like; until the clock struck Midnight! I was filled with glee, and below you get to see the unboxing of the game!

Part 1

Part 2

Hope you enjoyed the video! I also got a t-shirt for being the second one in line (would have been first but I had a DFAT meeting), a cool poster for the game, and you can see my childlike grin from right after I got the game! Stay Tuned for reviews on the artbook and the game itself coming soon here at DFAT!


batman arkham origins poster

batman arkham origins shirt

batman arkham origins glee

Oh, and I finally got that Joker Collectible to turn on!

Arkham Origins Collectors Set US Edition