Have you beat Arkham Origins yet? While I’m still working on the last 2 Most Wanted mission. GRINDING through the Riddler missions as is usual in these games, I am eagerly anticipating the upcoming DLCs that will expand the story. The first, due to arrive on December 3rd, is called “Initiation” will be basically be challenge maps with a story behind it. Initiation will tell the story of how Bruce went to Ninja Master Kirigi’s Dojo seeking training before he becomes the Batman. I think this is a really cool aspect to explore in the game as it takes the idea of Origins and takes it back even further! I also hope that WB Games hooks us up with a Bruce Wayne skin that we can use in the main game as well! How cool would that be?! Check out the snippet on the DLC at the beginning of this week’s DC All Access!

Arkham origins initiation

Stay tooned 😛