Like the idea or hate it, a new Batman game in the ULTRA-popular Arkham series is on its way. All we’ve seen so far have been the cinematic trailers but now courtesy of IGN, we FINALLY get to see some gameplay. Now even I am a little skeptical, mostly because these games are what really got me back into video games, and I have put countless hours into them. Now with the departure of Rocksteady from the series, WB Interactive has the reigns on this one. Not that we will have to wait too long for another Rocksteady Arkham game. This demo has changed my mind a bit, take a look at it and let me know what you think.

Looks pretty familiar doesn’t it! What I really liked about the gameplay is the new and improved “Detective Mode”. A new gadget power that allows Batman to retrace an event by looking at clues, he then traces the path to the culprit. Man, pretty bad ass. I am excited for this one, I mean look how big Gotham is going to be, THIS GAME WILL KEEP YOU BUSY FOR LIFE. Check out the official site. Pre-order now to play as Deathstroke!

Stay tooned 😛