Last week we were shown a teaser trailer and promised that the full one would be out today. Promises have been kept and our patience has paid off! Check out the BEAUTIFUL and BADASS trailer for Batman Arkham Origins from WB Games and DC Entertainment below below!

We also get our first look at the Joker who was killed off in Arkham City, I am happy that this game is a prequel, and it looks like it will involve MOST of the Batman Rogue gallery this time around. I am really looking forward to the side missions this time around! Especially with Anarky making his first appearance in the series this time around!

Batman Arkham Origins Joker

Batman Arkham Origins Anarky

What should really excite everyone is AWESOME preorder bonus, playable Deathstroke! Who else will be be able to play as this time around? Will there be multiplayer? I hear that this DLC is not Amazon exclusive, it is being reported that BestBuy has a similar offer, we will see what GameStop has for us soon Im sure! Just like previous character DLC releases, Deathstroke will be getting his own weapon and move set, two character skins, and two special additional challenge maps! He will also be playable in ALL challenge maps.

Deathstroke Preorder


Look for Batman Arkham Origins this October!!

Stay tooned 😛


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