I watched this video yesterday on my Playstation 3 and I couldn’t help sharing it because it is really bad-ass! It shows off the TWO exclusive suits that will be available for those of us who purchase the game for PS3. Both the Adam West 1960’s and Azrael “Knightfall” Batman suits will be accessible from day one and this video makes wearing them seem really aweswome, Adam West never kicked so much ass! In just over a month we will know if WB Games can replicate what Rocksteady has already mastered and hopefully they can deliver on this one, because I’m sure I’m not the only one who is really excited for this game to come out! Also look for 5 exclusive maps with the two skins in what is being called the “Knightfall Pack”. Everyone will get Deathstroke if you preorder the game, so get on it! Check out the videos below and pick up Batman Arkham Origins when it hits stores on October 25th!




Stay tooned 😛



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