Today is the perfect day to get out your copy of Batman Arkham Origins since the game takes place on Christmas Eve! Hopefully you are still enjoying the game with the new DLC both in single player and multiplayer that has been released thus far. I am about to pick up my PSVita and start jamming some Blackgate. Whatever your preference may be, check this out…

It’s hard to tell what this is hyping. We know that there’s a DLC that hasn’t been revealed for the game, but what if it’s something more… As you may remember, Rocksteady “has been working” on a game that will take place in the during the Silver Age and feature the Justice League. Now this of course is all speculation and your usual geek “news” sites are having a field day with this one. Now don’t get me wrong I would love to see a game that would feature more characters from the DC Universe in the Arkham style, but I am pretty sure that this announcement will be for something Arkham Origins related. I would rather see Rocksteady or WB Games tackle a Green Arrow game that takes place in the same universe, start building off what you do best before you decide to show off. Whatever the case may be in one week we will find out, until then enjoy running around Gotham dressed as a ninja Bruce Wayne, and of course spending time with your family this holiday season.


Batman Santa