Rocksteady and WB Games have hit it out of the park with their last two installments in the Batman: Arkham series. There have been rumors floating around what the next game would feature and when it would take place, finally we have confirmation and SCREENSHOTS for the new game coming this fall, Batman: Arkham Origins. Taking place before the events of Arkham Asylum, Origins will feature the Black Mask, who was featured in the Robin DLC (for Arkham City) and will revolve around Black Mask bringing 8 of the deadliest assassins to Gotham to hunt down the Bat. So what will this game feature? Well besides goon ass-beatings, we will see a HUGE Gotham City which will be split into two parts, New and Old. New Gotham will be created specially for this game and be a “classier” area,  and Old Gotham will build upon the map that we played on in Arkham City. THIS GAME IS GONNA BE HUGE!! What do you think we will see in this game, being that its a prequel? Maybe Dick Grayson Robin? More Joker? DEATHSTROKE THE TERMINATOR! Who knows, but I can’t wait!! In the game there will be  “Crimes in Progress” side missions which will give the player the option to stop what they are doing and go stop these crimes! Also a “Most Wanted” mode where players can pursue DC Villains that are not part of the story line. SOUNDS EPIC. But wait there’s more! Not only are we getting the standard console release (Ps3, Xbox360, WiiU)  but we are ALSO getting a handheld game (PS Vita and Nintendo 3DS) that takes place after Arkham Origins, titled Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate! The game will submerge players into a riot that has taken place at Blackgate Prison, and will be a side-scrolling adventure. Time will tell if the departure of Rocksteady will negatively affect the game, but just looking at the pics released are enough to make me happy for now. Both games are due out October 25th! Check out the screenshots below!


Batman: Arkham Origins


Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate

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