AS promised DC Comics will be releasing films outside their brand new “New 52-esque” animated universe, that so far have included Justice League: War and Son of Batman. The first out of continuity movie will be Assault on Arkham. Based in the uber-popular Arkham video game universe, and this film looks over the top! Check it out the trailer below!

Suicide Squad?! Yes please! What I really like is that this is a brand new story and they are not trying to rehash anything they’ve explored in the games. Also the return of Kevin Conroy as Batman, AWESOME!  Troy Baker will voice the Joker. Baker started voicing the character in Arkham Origins. Looks like he will be permanently taking over for Mark Hamill. These DC animated movies are the best, mostly because they are made for adults and are packed full of action and they are super violent so keep your younglings away! Look for Assault on Arkham to be released later this year!