Frank Miller’s classic Batman story The Dark Knight Returns is one of my favorite comic books of all time. There have been some great action figures produced based on the Batman from the book by both Play Arts Kai and Mattel, and now Medicom Toys is adding its version to the lineup. Released under their Real Action Heroes line, Medicom is producing this figure at the 1/6th scale and it looks pretty amazing! I like the use of real cloth for the cape and the sculpt is dead-on!

The price will be $199, and you can actually preorder the toy at Comics Infinity and save $16 bucks here. Check out the pics below of the Dark Knight!

[box_light]Frank Miller redefined Batman with his best-selling graphic novel The Dark Knight Returns. Miller’s Batman was a fifty-five year-old man, coming out of retirement to wrest his city back from the crime and grime that has choked away its life. Medicom recreates Miller’s version of Gotham’s caped crusader with the Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Real Action Hero Figure, an impressive 12″ tall figure with real fabric clothing. This Batman figure will make any fan feel like Gotham City’s champion is back![/box_light]

Stay tooned 😛