Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns is, in this geek boys humble opinion, one of the most prolific Batman stories ever told.  While everyone else was leaving Bruce Wayne a young billionaire, never getting older; Miller asked one of the most taboo questions in the comic-realm: What Happens When a Superhero Get Old? It almost never happens. Peter Parker has been a twenty/thirty-something year old Spiderman for over 50 years now. Superman is a weird alien, so whatever. And Wolverine/Logan, well who REALLY knows how old he is? But, Batman is a human. He has no super powers, persay, and he should age like everyone else.  And when you age, you slow down, you don’t have that EDGE you once had when you were younger.  So, The Dark Knight Returns, tells the story of a retired Bruce Wayne donning the cape and cowl again to help Gotham once again.  I’m a fan of these DC animated movies. Actually, for me, they are the only thing that DC is actually doing really good right now, that and it’s video games.  If you haven’t played Lego Batman 2: DC Superheroes you should, it’s VERY good. But I digress, this trailer nailed it for me.  It had the tone of the comics, the look, especially the shot of him flying through the lightening storm, and just felt LIKE Batman.  So, check it out, and you tell me what you think.  This is the trailer for part 1, which will be released September 25th.

 You can pre-order from Amazon and it features the voice talents of Peter Weller (Robocop) as The Batman, Ariel Winter (Modern Family), and Wade Williams (Prison Break).

~ Casey