Mattel has released some GREAT news today regarding their upcoming Batman Unlimited toyline. AS we all know Mattel is concentrating on the heavy hitters on the retail side of things. We true DC Universe fans have already picked up our subs to Club Infinite Earths, some of us two. Anywho, the REAL news here is this! Included in wave 2, we are receiving The Batman from Frank Miller’s “The Dark Knight Returns”. Wow! I can add old man Batman to my collection!? I can’t even fathom this. While I knew that these new retail lines would feature mostly Batman and Superman figures, I am still in awe of the depth of characters that could be part of this line. Also in wave two is Planet X Batman w/ Batmite. Images were also released for the next wave of DC Unlimited. Here we have a Dc the New 52 Wonder Woman (it’s actually nice to get an update of this character, and the new title is doing excellent, GREAT READ if you like greek mythos) and interestingly enough, a figure based on Batman from the upcoming NetherRealm Studios fighting game, “Injustice”. The Dark Knight Returns Bats still has me too excited to really give a damn about the others, but it’s nice to see new molds going into effect, it has been a long time coming and its great to see The Four Horsemen and Mattel expanding their horizons.



VIA: Action Figure Insider