Casey and I spent a good couple of hours last night ranting about the problems with the latest DC Comics movie Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. When you look at this film it was made for fans of DC Comics. Not the general public, not the critics, but fans who understand what goes on in DC world and can recognize little easter eggs that are placed throughout the movie. This is why feelings on the film are so divided I believe. Being a big DC fan myself, I actually did not like it from the film point of view. If you want to hear more on our feelings about the movie our podcast will be out sometime this week so stay tooned.

Today Warner Bros released a deleted scene from the movie called “Communion”, you can watch it below.

These types of scenes do two things for me. They make me happy that the DC Cinematic Universe is going to explore the New Gods more and more as we approach Justice League, but they also frustrate me. There was so much going on in the movie with the bazillion plot lines that if they would have cut out a couple of them and expanded on others, the movie COULD have been better. I guess we’ll know on July 16th when the Ultimate Cut hits. In regards to this scene, I want to know if the creature shown is supposed to be Steppenwolf, which would be awesome, surrounded by a bunch of Motherboxes. Like I’ve said, I’ll give Snyder three strikes before I write off his vision of the DC Universe. Thanks be to the Gods that most of the other films are in the hands of OTHER creative teams.

I’m not giving up on you yet DCCU!!!