Towelites! Today we have your first look at Henry Cavill as Superman in the upcoming superhero film, Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice! The picture below shows the Man of Steel standing in the rain on a “usual” gloomy night in what looks to be Gotham City. Take a look at him, doesn’t he look WAY older than he did in Man of Steel?! Maybe it’s just that hair cut!

Henry Cavill Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice

 Image courtesy of USA Today

There are also some rumors surfacing via Latino Review about the villains of the film, and besides Lex Luthor, it’s not who you all expected! According to the report the Joker will not be the man Bat-Antagonist, but rather the following villains will cause trouble for the dynamic duo! Hit the links to check out their bios!

If this is true, then the trio would join Luthor, his bodyguard Mercy Graves, and Amanda Waller in their struggle against the Metas. No word on exactly the role Amanda Waller will play in the film, but she is always walking the line of good/bad. We can only hope that it will lead into a Suicide Squad movie.

Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice hit theaters in May of 2016!



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