Take this news with an extremely large grain of salt, but there’s a rumor going around that Batman v Superman is going to be split into two films. The picture below was supposedly taken at the end of the Batman v Superman teaser that’s also supposedly attached to Jupiters Ascending. If what the picture/teaser says is true, we’re looking at a new Batman film this Fall.


The films would be titled Enter The Knight and Dawn of Justice. The release dates would be 10.23.2015 and 3.25.2016, respectively. I actually don’t think that this is too far fetched. They’ve already finished filming the movie, and waiting til 2016 always seemed like a horrible idea to begin with. With Age of Ultron and Ant-Man coming out this year, Marvel is going to rule. To not have a DC presence is a huge missed opportunity.

Splitting the movie into two films gives the audience more time to get used to The Batfleck in the role, and it would also be a way to make a ton of money for DC. Since, Hollywood loves splitting up films, this seems consistent with current trends. I just want to see a new Batman film in theaters, and one coming out on my birthday has me even more excited.

The font makes it seem a little chintzy and that’s the only part of this image that I’m not completely on board with. That being said, maybe they want to go with a more subtle approach. Jupiter Ascending is due out in February, and I think we’ll know more at that time as Warner Bros. has yet to confirm or deny this image.

What do you think of the idea of seeing part one of Batman v Superman this year? Sound off in the comments!